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About Us

Education is a  means to achieve the goals of progress. In fulfilling its responsibilities to the society, the institutional governance has an obligation toward the students who have come to learn. Likewise, the teachers have the responsibility to create an environment; the management has the responsibility to facilitate it, and non  teaching staff to support it. Keeping this in mind, Shree Gokarnanatheshwara Educational Institution has been providing knowledge based and meaningful education to every willing mind Irrespective of their merit, Income status, caste, creed and sex.

Our Institution has grown over the years and has contributed in its own way in elevating and leading the younger generation from darkness to light and above all in fulfilling the lofty ideal of  Brahma shree Narayana Guru ’Educate to be free’.

At the time, when higher education was considered as the privilege of a few who were enjoying educational, social, economical, status in the society. Shree Venkatesha Shiva Bhakti Yoga Sangha( R )had come forward with an option of providing higher education to the under privileged section of the society by establishing Shree Gokarnantheshwara group of educational  institutions.

Even today this has been one of the most outstanding feature of the institution admitting students with low profile both academically and economically. Shree Gokaranantheshwara  institution  is situated in midst of serene greenery, away from the din and buzz of Mangaluru city  at Gandhinagar.